Lighted Curio Cabinet White with Unique large lighted mirror drawers


Lighted Curio Cabinet White with large lighted mirror drawers, gold color bar handle, gold color railings, glass doors

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  • Two large horizontal drawers with gold color bar handle
  • Glass shelves with gold color railings
  • Mirrored back and lighting for more highlight
  • One unique triangular draw
  • Glass cupboard doors
  • Beautifully designed with rich architectural details
  • Made from MDF and Veneer engineered wood which makes it cost effective and smooth decorative furniture


A Curio for displaying your fine glass ware, artifact or liquor collections. Personalize your home to make a statement or to enhance any space with modern luxurious styles . Large drawers with lights in each compartment, mirrored back, glass shelves and gold color railings can be used to store those special items for wowing your guest. Suitable for any area in your home.